Pin Grading Policy

Enamel pins are handmade items that have natural variations and slight flaws that can occur during the production process. No pin will be perfect and every pin maker's grading standard varies. Please read below for my grading standard.

As of September 2023 A, B & C grades will be phased out and Standard & Seconds will be used instead. Pins are handmade objects and I cannot offer flawless pins because of the manner in which they are made. Please see below for my grading policy.


A Grade / Standard Grade
Enamel pins may exhibit one or more imperfections:

  • Wiggly posts
  • Stray glitter / enamel drops
  • Wrong enamel fill colors or low-fill enamel
  • Slightly misaligned / missing / badly printed screen printing
  • Small traces of random debris (dust, fuzz, etc.)
  • Tiny bubbles in enamel, screen printing, glitter or epoxy coating
  • Scuffing / scratches / dents / enamel bleeding
  • Slight discoloration / staining and imperfections in / on the metal plating on the sides and / or back of the pin


    B Grades / Second Grade
    Perfect for those on a budget, not picky about quality issues and wearing on outerwear such as jackets and / or backpacks. In addition to standard grading issues, these may be exhibited: 

    • Moving or missing posts
    • Tarnished plating
    • Chipped metal plating
    • Large dents / divots / scratches
    • Missing enamel / plating / laser engraving / gems / magnets / screen printing
    • Excessive bubbles / scratches / dents / divots
    • Foreign materials embedded in enamel, screen printing, glitter or epoxy

    By purchasing my pins you agree to my grading conditions. Thank you. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message me.